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Auto Insurance in Staten Island

Personal Auto Insurance

We’ll take you step by step to determine the best Insurance company, and cost effective plan that’s right for you and your budget.

Life Insurance Experts

Life Insurance

As we live life things can get involved.  I mean marriage, kids and whether you work, start a business or both, lets face it life insurance becomes synonymous with having a sound financial plan.

Home Insurance Cost

Homeowners Insurance

Have you done your annual insurance policy “check up” to keep on track with local building costs, remodeling and the inventory of your personal belongings?

Auto Insurance in Brooklyn, Staten Island, New York City, Queens, the Bronx, and New Jersey

All your Insurance Needs in Brooklyn, New York

Successful financial plans

If premium, high end, and affordably priced auto insurance is what you’re looking for, then satisfy all of your insurance needs under one roof at Regency Agency. We’ll deliver low cost coverage and comprehensive liability rates in the greater New York area, which includes Staten Island, Queens, The Bronx  and New Jersey. Come in for a free quote and see how we can save you more of your hard earned money on a diversified portfolio of insurance policies and payment plans.

Because we work with so many front-end, top level Insurance companies on your behalf, we offer you a larger variety of choices to suit your lifestyle and budget so you can get back to the things that are the most precious in this world…your family.

Auto Insurance in Staten Island

Low Cost Insurance Plans

USA-NYC-Staten_Island_Ferry_5184x3456Riding the Staten Island Ferry shouldn’t brake the bank because of sky high auto insurance premiums. Why should you settle for insurance plans that are way too expensive and don’t really help you satisfy your needs and goals. Well we hear you loud and clear at Regency Agency, Inc. and that is why we only offer you the most ambitious and aggressive Insurance plans at the most competitive and cutthroat rates in the industry for the following insurance:

  • Personal Auto
  • Commercial Auto
  • Homeowners
  • Motorcycle
  • Business
  • Renters
  • Life

We Provide Quality Renters Insurance in Brooklyn

Why We Need Renters Insurance in Brooklyn NYLet us be clear insurance is something you get, if not mandated by the State, to have peace of mind or that extra bit of security just in case life throws you a curve ball. Now when it comes to your apartment, nowadays folks adorn their place with more and more upscale decor. Whether it be fancy furniture or some home entertainment system or costly computer equipment lets face it we work hard, and we surround our self with higher end things that make us happy. The question you should ask yourself is if I lost everything in my apartment could I easily replace everything. And if the answer’s no then renters insurance is a low-cost way to ensure these items get replaced in short order. Understand that the landlord’s insurance covers certain structural issues, but certainly, your personal belongings will not be among those items covered. Please give us a call at (718) 377-0566 if you would like to know more about how to protect the assets in your rental space.

Brooklyn Auto Insurance Professionals

Regency Agency - Shop Small BusinessThe Brooklyn auto insurance professionals at Regency Agency has been serving the various communities in Brooklyn and the greater New York  area since 1979 and continues to provide the most comprehensive Insurance coverage suited to each person’s unique set of circumstances like a glove to allow our growing family of customers and friends to have what seems to elude us most…peace of mind. No matter if you require basic level coverage for yourself or a full coverage policy to protect you and your family we understand what you need and what you’ve come to expect from an industry leader and long standing Family Business. Cheap car insurance in Brooklyn is within reach, call for your fast and free quote and see for yourself. Walk-ins are always welcomed or contact us at (718) 377-0566 for fast and prompt service.


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Call Us: (718) 377-0566

Our Previous Address
Regency Agency Inc
2052 Richmond Rd
Staten Island, New York 10306

Visit Our New Brooklyn Office
Regency Agency Inc
8114 5th ave
Brooklyn, New York 11209

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Since Regency Agency’s inception in 1979 Brooklyn residents now have a choice to receive the very best policies and insurance coverage from the company that leads the industry. You now have a right to premier, low cost insurance when you call our office and speak with anyone of our experienced and talented agents.


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