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Brooklyn Insurance Services

Insurance Consultants in Brooklyn, New York

Saving Money On InsuranceWhen it comes to getting the right insurance at the right price the insurance consultants at Regency Agency Insurance can take care of your policy needs with our principal selection of comprehensive coverages.

Low Rates for All Your Insurance Needs

Low down payments are what you’ll get at Regency Agency Inc., then we’ll show you ways to lower your insurance payments with our many insurance plan options:

  • Major Insurance Companies we represent have
  • the most competitive rates throughout the Five Boroughs
  • No Waiting for Auto Insurance Cards (IDs)
  • Some Tickets & Accidents are No Charge
  • Easy Defensive Driving Classes Available

Personal Auto Insurance

We’ll take you step by step to determine the best Insurance Company and cost effective plan that’s right for you and your budget:Personal-Auto-Insurance-in-Staten-Island-NY

  • Auto Insurance Plans: Provided through more than Fifteen Major Insurance Companies
  • Insurance Type: Basic Liability or Full Coverage
  • Driving History: Driving Habits & Tickets or Accidents within the Last three Years
  • Auto Interior Insurance is available

Commercial Auto Insurance 

Get insured, protect your family, home and employees with a quality commercial auto insurance plan. We offer contractors and any commercial service company the very best industry standard insurance plans based on all the factors mentioned. Insurance plans are available for full-line or individual company vehicles and or fleets.

Motorcycle Insurance 

Only the best rates and affordable plans for Motorcycle Insurance coverage. Ride with peace of mind knowing you have the lowest cost and most comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance plan available. Call for a quote today.

Homeowners Insurance 

Have you done your annual insurance policy “check-up” to keep in line with local building costs, remodeling and the inventory of your personal belongings?Homeowners-Insurance-in-Staten-Island-NY

We’ll keep you on track with current home insurance regulations and rates. To properly cover and protect family members, and even pets.
Hey let’s face it people can accidentally get hurt and or property can be damaged in your home, or even away from it, you need proper coverage, so mishaps such as these don’t turn into financial storms for you and your family. We’ll walk you through all you need to know about general liability coverage and umbrella policies, from A to Z, so your home is adequately covered, and so is your family.

Business Insurance 


Running your own business can be tough. 14 hour days, constant deadlines to meet, and not enough help or sleep is sufficient to drive any business owner completely nuts. Something that important should undoubtedly be insured accordingly to protect you and your loved ones.

We’ll show you where you’re exposed to liability, in addition to making sure you’re not under insured. Lack of appropriate levels of Insurance can lead to the demise of your company and all your hard earn work and effort, especially if you cannot adequately handle a loss or shortfall.

Whether new insurance or an existing policy we’ll go over every aspect of your business and point out potential exposure and loss. We’ll explain the pros and cons of the various forms of coverage and how they can protect you and your assets.

Life Insurance 


As we grow older and wiser we tend to see life a lot different than when we were young, marriage, kids, your job, business or both, let’s face it life insurance starts to become synonymous with having a sound financial plan right. At Regency Agency your life insurance policy can be a relatively small cost to you, depending on the type of insurance required. We feel that the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones will be protected and taken care of in the event of unseen and sudden loss is of the utmost importance and top of mind.

Careful consideration is tantamount when determining the type of life insurance coverage needed to protect future heirs. At Regency we’ll discuss every option available from term insurance to whole life insurance policy, knowing this part of your financial plan should be sound. Stop in or call one of our expert consultants to find the right life insurance policy for you and your family.

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